The quality of the Portuguese conserves are internationally recognized for its excellent products, resulting from fresh fish caught off the Portuguese coast, following the production by campaigns, in which the fish is at the highest quality and flavor, produced according to traditional methods craft and now reproduced in industrial context, coupled with the latest technology and under the strictest quality control criteria, hygiene and applicable international food safety industry. These principles and concerns are attested by certifications that are proud to have the producers of our conserves, as exemplified by the HACCP certification, certification IFS FOOD and BRITISH RETAIL CONSORTIUM GLOBALS STANDARDS certification, in addition to the guarantee of quality standards, safety and operational criteria, ensure that producers comply with all its statutory obligations and comply with hedging criteria of final consumers of their products.




Also the sustainability of ecosystems of nature in general and in particular fisheries, is a concern of the producers of our conserves, including the criteria adopted for the raw material of their conserves which is based on the use of fish from fishing in oceans not over exploited, using selective fishing methods that limit as much as possible to capture accidental prey and are not destroyers of the seabed, as evidenced by the certifications FRIEND oF tHE SEA and mARINE STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL that these conditions are assigned to them and the DOLPHIN certification SAFE fISHING which certifies that the fishery meets nonpredatory processes, including tuna fishing now be made using the processes that prevent the death of other species, such as the Dolphins, who were initially collaterally caught in fishing nets and is estimated to have been the cause of death of more than seven million copies of this sort in the past and is now down 99% with the adoption of such care in the fishing process.


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