ANICP – Portuguese National Association of Canned Fish Manufactures

ANICP (Portuguese National Association of Canned Fish Manufactures) is an Association with 30 years of existence with the objective of protecting the interests of its members, the Fish Canned Industries.
It is a simple and versatile structure that integrates several services, namely:
Labor relations and collective contracts
Institutional relations with the various public and private identities that relate to the sector
International relations in view of all contacts with the Community institutions and with their counterparts in other EU countries

As part of its internationalization:

He is a member and founder of AIPCE (Associação das Indústrias do Peixe da CE), which are members of the most important national representatives of the processing of fishery products sectors.
He is a founding member of CISAP (Comité Internacional para a Defesa da “SardinaPilchardusWaulbon”, together with their counterparts Spanish, French, Italian, Moroccan and Tunisian.
He is a founding member of Euroatum, Shipowners’ association and European tuna transformers, integrated by ANICP and their counterparts Spanish, French, Italian and English, with a view to defending these interests before the World Trade Organization.

Under the monitoring of EU policies for the fisheries sector sits on the Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture and the US is applying for a place at the General Meeting of the Regional Advisory Council South Western Waters of the European Union.

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